Call for Makers

Call for Makers

The Call for Makers is now OPEN for the 2nd annual Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire.

Please review our guidelines and timelines below, and then submit your project!

What’s a Maker Faire? It is a celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of our community. That means we’d like to see projects that explore DIY (do-it-yourself) thinking, and take it to a new level. Whether it’s a clever new way to make jam, or a robotic arm, or a robot that makes jam, or jam-making software you’ve written (you get the idea), if you have a project that explores DIY, or shows people how they can make things themselves, we’d love to have you apply. And by ‘you’ we mean an individual, group, club or class. If you are a Young Maker under the age of 18, please have your (adult) project mentor submit your project for you.

What We’re Looking For
Here is how the people who invented Maker Faire explain it: “Maker Faire is interactive and educational in all kinds of ways. Maker Faire is not a passive sit-down experience; it’s a hands-on experience that you grab hold of. From simple conversations and detailed explanations to amazing do-it-yourself demonstrations, Maker Faire is all about participation and sharing. Many Makers develop exhibits with hands-on activities. Others bring unusual objects that we don’t see everyday.

Maker Faire rewards curiosity. We get to learn how things work, and why. We get to try new things and understand that we can expand our own capabilities. We consider the process of making as important as the perfect, finished product. Sharing the process with others creates new opportunities for learning.”  Courtesy of Maker Media, Inc.

Here is a list of ideas and projects  –  this is just a starting point. Hey Marin –  amaze, amuse and surprise us!

Comic arts
LEGO Users Groups
Fabric Arts
3D Printing
Maker Space
Composting, recycling
Model Making
Musical instrument making
DIY Science
Bicycle groups
Art cars
Young Makers groups
Cooking class
Paper airplane making
Science workshops

Call for Makers opens:  April 11, 2014
Call for Makers closes:  August 4, 2014
Makers notified: by August 15, 2014

Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire: Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 10am – 4pm.

Makers are required to staff their space continuously during the event, and should also plan several hours before and after the event for set-up and tear-down.

There is no fee for Makers to participate in the event, but Makers are expected to cover their own expenses.

Commercial Makers
Are you a local business whose products are made in Marin, or are of interest to the Maker community? If so, we hope you apply to show how your products are made or can be used by Makers. While not a trade show with a focus on selling your products, we understand that some Makers may have finished items to sell, and we will evaluate those on a case-by-case basis. If in doubt, please submit your project and we’ll let you know if we have any questions.

What Happens if I am Selected?
You’ll receive information about the event schedule, your space, load-in and tear-down times and instructions. You’ll also receive a Participation Agreement, which includes a liability waiver.

Other Ways to Participate
Project not ready? Not sure what a Maker Faire is, but ready to jump in anyway? Do you like to help out in the community? We’d love to have you volunteer!  Subscribe to our list for breaking Volunteer news and opportunities subscribe to our list and follow us on Twitter @makerfaireGB.

Spread the Word
We are all Makers – pass it on! Please tell people about the Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire. Encourage Makers to submit projects, and if there are ways you know that we can spread the word further ourselves, please let us know. On our Contact page are all the ways to reach us, and if you are with the media, you’ll find our media contact and press releases.

3 responses to “Call for Makers

  1. We are a 3d printing retail store in Oakland that has classes for all ages and we teach CAD modeling. Please let us know how we can exhibit next year and give a talk. Thank you.

  2. Tintype Photography – Bruce Morton
    My hobby for the last ten years is “Tintype Photography” that was introduced to America by Fredrick Archer in 1851. He shared his chemistry and techniques freely to all photographers and introduced an inexpensive way of capturing an image for the average person. I would like to share the historical technique that at times (changing the negative to a positive in fixer) looks like magic.

  3. Rob Rowlands NZ6J

    I saw the Ham Radio exhibit at the Bay Area Maker Faire last weekend. Would you like the local Marin Amateur Radio Society to stage an exhibit, perhaps focussing on digital or emergency communications?

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