Our Makers

10 Most Wanted Bugs in Your Garden: Master Gardeners
Master Gardeners help you learn the 10 Most wanted bugs for your garden, what plants attract them and the pests they manage.


3D Printing: Geobot3d
Demonstrate the Formlabs Form1+ 3D Laser Printer and various items that have been printed with it. The Form 1+ printer is a cutting edge portable 3D Resin-based laser printer that can be used to create intricately detailed 3D prints for use in prototyping mechanical parts, jewelry, game and film characters, scientific visualization of medical and chemical phenomenon, architectural models, and much more.


Amateur Radio: Marin RACES/ACS
Introduction to Amateur Radio, including technical demonstrations, hands on experiments and explanation of Public and Emergency services provided by licensed radio amateurs.


Summer Game Studio and Vault 9 Studios presents TOMORROW: Art Reactor
Kids from Art Reactor’s School for Digital Arts will be demo-ing a video game of their own design, produced over a 10 week period this summer. Booth will have tables and laptops for visitors to play test the game!


Autodesk is committed to bringing maker tools to schools to help educators teach vital skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), to empower the next generation of makers and manufacturers. Autodesk’s Make the Future campaign provides resources to help educators develop students’ critical thinking skills and expand digital literacy while building skills that will prepare students for success in their future careers.


Battle Tracks with Legos: Play-well
Discover your true working knowledge of physics, mechanics and design in a fun, fast and challenging contest of engineering skill! Compete to claim the mantle of Battle Track champion in an ever-changing contest of engineering wit and strategy. Think quick, build fast, and prepare to battle again!


Bay Area Discovery Museum
How to Make with the Littlest of Makers – a sampling of projects created for children ages 0-8 and their adults to do together.Booth is divided into two concepts: Design It! is all about designing, building, and making simple machines. Explore It! encourages children to investigate simple electronics by taking them apart.
We will provide real adult tools and safety gear that allow children to feel confident and curious deconstructing machines such as alarm clocks and speakers.


Bay Friendly Water Walk: Master Gardeners
Master Gardeners has partnered with the Marin Municipal Water District to provide homeowners with information and advice on improving irrigation practices to help conserve Marin’s precious water resources. Sign up at our booth for a free garden walk.


Blinkybugs: White Hill Middle School
Come and build your own Blinkybug! Blinkybugs are simple, electro-mechanical insects that respond to their environment by blinking their L.E.D. eyes. Using a 3v coin battery, guitar wire, L.E.D. lights, and pipe cleaners can you bring your bug to life?

Bot Bash
Robot Fighting booth. People can come fight robots, in a timed match.


Build Stuff Workshops: Autistry Studios
Autistry Studios is a Marin-based nonprofit offering Project-Based Therapy to teens and adults with autism (ASD) or other neurodevelopmental differences. We operate out of a 10,000 sq. ft. light industrial space in central San Rafael, where students use power tools, paint, technology, sewing machines, and a massive ShopBot to turn wild ideas into finished projects. See some of our students’ recent projects and make one of your own at the recycled cardboard Creation Station. Volunteers are on hand to help you make costume elements from templates, or create your own look from scratch.


Butter Making 101: Straus Family Creamery
Fresh organic butter is incredibly easy to make. Shake your own using only organic cream, jars, and a little muscle power. Hosted by Straus Family Creamery.


Cardboard Challenge: Marin Maker Mobile
Build something amazing out of cardboard, recycled materials and imagination as part of the Global Cardboard Challenge. Kids of all ages are invited to build their own arcade game from cardboard! Bring your imagination and we’ll supply the cardboard!Bring your completed projects to Bon Air Center for our Halloween Bash! Hosted by Marin Maker Mobile, a non-profit devoted to bringing STEAM projects to kids.


Carpentry for Kids
Carpentry! Create fun, functional and beautiful projects. Learn measuring, sawing, drilling, rasping, fastening, sanding, shaping, and assembly, and valuable concepts such as design, abstract reasoning, fractions, applied mathematics, problem solving, craftsmanship, fine motor skills, respect for tools, and patience.

First time carpenters will have a safety lesson, and an introduction to most of the tools we use. Returning students can work on more advanced projects, and display the projects that they have made. Hosted by Carpentry for Kids, an after school program for K-5 designed to teach boys and girls practical woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools.


Channelled Alien Mechanicals
Mechanical sculptures that people can play with.


Decorating Frames: Frame Crafters Gallery
We will be showing kids and adults alike how you can take a basic photo frame and turn it into a special personalized gift or keepsake by decorating it with all kids of fun things. Go glitter! Hosted by Frame Crafters Gallery.


DIY Perfume: EO Exchange
Come by and make a natural perfume with us! Learn about essential oils and make your own all natural perfume!Hosted by EO Exchange in Mill Valley.


Electropocalypse – Learn Electronics on Your iPad: Stratolab
Electropocalypse is a puzzle game where each puzzle is a circuit that needs to be fixed or altered. The circuits are ‘live’ so you must be careful – wire something the wrong way and everything blows up in a shower of sparks. Although it’s kinda fun to blow up your circuits and see all the pretty lights, this is not just pyromaniacal entertainment – to build safe and reliable circuits, every engineer must understand where the limits are. And what better way to find them than to cross them!


Exosuit: The Bay School
This is a work in progress to build a powered exoskeleton that a user wears endowing them with super human strength, much like the exoskeletons worn in the movie Edge of Tomorrow.


Forager Project
Learn – and taste – about your food. By choosing ingredients for flavor, taste & nutrition, learn about juices that are nutrient dense, low in sugar and delicious. Hosted by local producer Forager Project, 100% organic, cold-pressed and perfectly protected using HPP technology juices, which makes them an ideal fast slow food.


Future Primitive: Megalithic Entertainment
A production design, fabrication and photography project utilizing scrap materials, random household items, recycled junk and basic hand tools to create a collection of sci-fi characters, props and weapons for a short film series.


Giant Superplexus!
Play the Giant Superplexus! Artist and Maker Michael McGinnis creates giant interactive three-dimensional labyrinths from a variety of media. Available will be two sizes: “LUNA”, a 24″ diameter labyrinth, and “CIRCLES 5″, a more complex 36” design. Both are made from Finnish birch aircraft plywood in acrylic domes, and ride in gimbals. The LUNA work has 140 plane changes, and CIRCLES has 335! Test your skills with these art pieces made by the originator of the award winning Perplexus line of games.


Give a hoot for owls! The Hungry Owl Project
Give a hoot about our nighttime neighbors – OWLS! Learn about the species of owls that live in Marin County. Owls give us non-toxic rodent control and keep rodent populations in balance. Find out how we can help make our environment safe for owls. Hands-on educational and fun games will help kids learn about and appreciate these amazing birds.


Growing Edibles in a Drought: Master Gardeners
Learn about the requirements needed for growing edibles in a drought, and which plants are the best choices for growing in drought conditions.


How to Brew Your Own Ales & Lagers: J&M Brewing Supplies
How to brew your own ales and lagers. The demonstration will illustrate how to convert hops, grain and yeast into craft beer that is just as good as what is commercially available. The demonstration will show how the grains are mashed to convert starch into fermentable sugars; how different types of hops are used to provide the beer with hop flavor, aroma and bitterness, and how to choose the best yeast strain for your brew. Hosted by J&M Brewing Supplies.


LED Gaming Table: MV Code Club
Using 9 LED matrixes and casings printed on a MakerBot we will build a “Gaming Table” which can be used as a display while playing simple games such as Pong. It will be a two-player game, and guests will be able to participate as they come by the booth by controlling the game with joysticks.


Make ‘n Take Model Car or Plane: Dauth Hobbies
Build your Model kit Car or Plane. Modelers will be assisted by IPMS modelers. Hosted by Dauth Hobbies.


Make Your Own First Aid Starter Kit: One Medical Group
With an active, fun, and fruitful lifestyle, going for it means you can get the occasional scrape or bruise! Let our First Aid Starter Kit get you on the path to feeling better, and pursuing your goals, large and small, for body and mind! Hosted by One Medical Group.


Making a Native Bee House for your Garden: Master Gardeners
With the colony collapse affecting honey bees the role of native bees is vitally important. Master Gardeners will give you instructions in how to make a simple native bee house.


Marin Maker Space
Come see various maker projects on display, like early versions of our Halloween Bash projects. Members of Marin Maker Space will staff the booth and work on their projects and answer your questions about local maker space activities.


Mill Valley Film Festival
Come learn about Mill valley Film Festival, one of our sponsors. Also visit them in space #160 for the mini-film-fest during the event.


Marinovators – Creative works crafted by youth: San Rafael Intel Computer Clubhouse
Marinovators are Marin youth who dream, build, innovate and MAKE using technology and tools to envision a future.
Check out the interactive video arcade games youth programmed and built to save the world! Only you can reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate hunger and eradicate dangerous radiation. Stop by and save the world! Learn about circuits and build a toothpick flashlight to light your way!


Metal Sculptures: Soman Metal Works
See metal sculpture pieces in progress and see steel sculptures of dragons and birds (some 8′ tall). Learn more via a video of their computer controlled plasma cutter in progress.


MTC Dramativity Booth: Marin Theatre Company
Dramativity Booth: Come and create a character out of costumes and make a play in 60 seconds!


Origami Noah’s Ark: The Upcycle Factory
Learn to fold origami animals and load up an ark with animal pairs! There is a large boat and instructions for making many animals. Participants can fold along with the demonstration.


Santa Bear
Bear riding a unicycle back & forth on a tightrope that is automatically driven with a motor and rope system.

Rawrz Toys
RawrzToys combine tech and traditional art techniques to create hand-crafted toys. Learn how we design, 3d model & print, silicone mold, resin cast, clean & paint them all! Whimsical narwhales in tophats, sharks, elephants and more!


RoboTar: Life Upgrades
Inspired by the maker’s father who lost the ability to play guitar after surviving a stroke, RoboTar is a robotic chord assistant that helps anyone play. It attaches to the neck of a standard guitar and the player uses an app to choose a song they want to play or builds a new or original song themselves. Then the player cycles through each chord of the song leveraging a single foot pedal or push button option to move to each chord at their own tempo while strumming along with one hand… both right and left handed versions are available. Booth visitors are welcomed to try RoboTar!


Screen Printing: Thumb Print Press & Design
Come see what screen printing has to offer for you. We will have supplies on hand for instructional discussions on how to get started with screen printing and how to go even farther with what you may already know. Our goal is to teach and inspire so stop in learn something new for the day.


Solving Rubik’s Cubes and Multilingual Printing
Robots! One robot can solve any scrambled Rubik’s Cube. The other one can print in English and Braille. It can also write in other languages, making it multilingual printer. People will be able to print their names using the Lego printer. People will also be able to scramble rubik’s cubes and watch the robot solve it.


Steaming Madd Steampunk Jewelry
Mini Top Hat Make & Take, just the fascinator you need for your steampunk cosplay! Hosted by Steaming Madd, handmade one-of-a-kind repurposed steampunk jewelry and wears.


The world’s biggest and only Super Bop It: Designed and built by Klitsner Industrial Design, Inventors of the original Bop It. The electronics are extracted from a Bop It Extreme and wired to controls that amplify the actions “Bop It, Twist It, Pull It, Flick It, Spin It”. Up to 5 people can play Super Bop It at once.


The Marin School FabLab
We will have several student made projects on display as well as a couple of interactive exhibits. Gimballed Tri-Copters, a Life size Tardis, wooden electric go-karts, laser-cut artwork and more!


Technically Beautiful
Unusual and visually-compelling vintage computer parts that reveal some of the hidden worlds of computing. My goal is to interest kids in careers in technology by showing them the secret world behind the screens: Hand-sized IBM chips, round probe boards from the testing and manufacturing side of the industry, movie prop ray gun, pretty and unusual promotional items. A few items that kids can play with, but mostly an educational and thought-provoking display.

Tintype Photography: Sonoma Tintype
Learn about Tintype Photography from 1851!
The first inexpensive art form to capture an image was the “Tintype” photograph. The average person could afford to have their photograph taken and mailed to a loved one. During the Civil War, the U.S. Postal Service would ship the photos free of charge from active duty soldiers.

Trackers Earth
Trackers is dedicated to teaching old school outdoor skills: wilderness survival, wild plants, homesteading crafts, kayaking, fishing, archery, tracking and more. Come learn some new skills! Trackers says, “We don’t just teach students to fish–we teach them to build the pole, forage and wind the cordage for the line, carve a hook and dig up the bait too.”


Wobblebots: Golden Gate Tutoring Center
Make this BEAM-type robot from recycled materials that dances and skips around in sunshine or bright indoor light.


Yarn Crafts: Bluebird Yarns
Let Bluebird Yarn teach you basic knit stitches! Find out how easy it is to get started and why it calms your mind. Also, come try needle felting and how wool felt is made. We also have demos and samples of crochet, Pompom crafts and other wool crafts.


3 responses to “Our Makers

  1. We are a 3d printing retail store in Oakland that has classes for all ages and we teach CAD modeling. Please let us know how we can exhibit next year and give a talk. Thank you.

  2. Tintype Photography – Bruce Morton
    My hobby for the last ten years is “Tintype Photography” that was introduced to America by Fredrick Archer in 1851. He shared his chemistry and techniques freely to all photographers and introduced an inexpensive way of capturing an image for the average person. I would like to share the historical technique that at times (changing the negative to a positive in fixer) looks like magic.

  3. Rob Rowlands NZ6J

    I saw the Ham Radio exhibit at the Bay Area Maker Faire last weekend. Would you like the local Marin Amateur Radio Society to stage an exhibit, perhaps focussing on digital or emergency communications?

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